Patchwork Cat in Moray. The Patchwork Cat in Moray

Francesca (Crystal) Green.

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Here in our small garden workshop we create beautiful things embellished with hand created patchwork & appliqué and trimmed with silk and lace. Pretty herbal pillows to help you relax, made with our own home grown herb mixtures and aromatherapy oils. Bags of all sizes made of beautiful fabrics. We use lots of re-cyclable materials and try to waste nothing!  Right... On the veranda in summer....Below... the garden workshop of 'Patchwork Cat'

Patchwork cat garden workshop in Buckie


Also hand knitted funky hand-warmers  and... Our own unique Hand-spun Yarn. (see right!) mit1

min homespun yard from the spinning lady at Silvermoon

Our goods will be on sale at some shops locally, but if you are interested in selling for  please email us here! Below is a selection of items that we have made in the past, many of them will have already been sold but there will be others that have been more recently made.

Our goods can be found in:

Be so Crafty at 109 Mid St Keith.

Charms Treats Fochabers Moray.

Hellygog at Logie Steading Forres.

The Old Post Office Tearooms. Chapel of Garloch Inverurie.

   Hand Warmers & Gauntlet Warmers. 

  mim7 mim6 mim5
  mim9 mim8 c
  mim12 mim11 mim10

Random Hand warmers


Waistcoats and scarves

Waistcoat from Patchwork Cat  Tartan waistcoats at the Patchwork Cat 

Scrapwork & vintage satin waistcoat    Crazy patchwork tartan waistcoat

 Waistcoat tweed Patchwork Cat

Tweed waistcoat


Hand crafted Wool, Silk Tweed and Cashmere Bags

mimall        small tartan bags

cotton poly bags1       Cotton poly bags 2

Beautiful cashmere and wool fabrics from Johnstone's mill in Elgin, with cashmere or pure silk linings...sheer luxury! Smart poly cotton totes!


Patchwork, Cashmere and Wool Cushions

Lovely unique cashmere cushions to cuddle up to!


...And Lovely aromatherapy soaps and Fleece covered soaps (exfoliant)!


...and much more yet to come!



















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