'Handmade by Teetaboos'

Custom made threads

 for small dudes!

Handmade childrens clothing by Teetaboos


Hi there, I am Cheryl from Handmade by Teetaboos and I am based in Glass near Huntly.Hand made childrens clothes

I am a single parent to two gorgeous boys and decided to set up my business again after a wee break so that I could work from home and provide for my little monkeys and also have great fun creating some pretty awesome makes in the process! 
Everything I make is custom made to order and you, as the customer, choose the fabrics yourself - meaning that each item is unique. You are the designer! Fabric is not held in stock. You, tell me the type of fabric you would like, and which theme/colour scheme you have in mind. I then source some fabric options and report back to you. The fabric combination is then chosen by you and ordered once choices have been finalised.

I currently sell mostly through my Facebook

page www.facebook.com/handmadebyteetaboos 

Teetaboos near Huntlybut I also have some stock in Be So Crafty. Keith. 



Review by Patchwork Cat.

What a fabulous idea! choosing the fabric for your little ones 'special' clothes! This is a lovely little business, very much in the spirit of today! and run by a lovely young Mum.


Go to Facebook to see more of her work....