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wicked spells
Wicked Packet Spells

that are fun to give!

Pop one in an envelope and send it to a friend!

We cant promise that our Wicked Spells will always work,

but they will cause a lot of fun and laughter!

£2.60 each + P&P
UK only!
Wicked spells to choose from... £2.60 each + P&P

Please add the spell/s you require to your shopping cart.
Wicked Spell to prevent Droopy Boobs         
Wicked Spell to stop your friend losing weight
Wicked Spell to Prevent Snoring                    
Wicked Spell to prevent smelly feet                
Wicked Spell to stop you aging                      
Wicked Spell to improve prowess as a lover! 
Wicked Spell to prevent wrinkles                   

Wicked Spell to Enslave a Man                     
Wicked Spell to find a Rich Lover                 

 Sorry folks! the 'Wicked Banishment Spell' has been discontinued as it worked too well...and people asked a lot of questions about where people and things have which we didn't have any answers! oops!
Angel spellsAngel Packet Spells
Gentle spells that create a positive atmosphere around the caster.
Make no mistake, these Angels Spells if done with the right intention have been shown to work very well!

The pack includes a small candle, Specially prepared crystals, Our own very special  'Spell Dust'
...and of course directions for use.
Pick the one you need and cast it with the best of intentions!

£2.60 each + P&P  UK only!
Angel Spells to choose from.
Please add the spell/s you require to your shopping cart.
£2.60 each + P&P

Angel Spell for a House Blessing                    
Angel Spell for Good Luck                           
Angel spell for World Peace                          
Angel Spell for Love                                      
Angel to attract someone you desire              
Angel Spell for Protection                             

Angel Spell to bring Love into your life          
Angel Spell to heal disagreements                   
Angel Woman Power Spell                          

£2.60 each + P&P  UK only!

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