Masks & Face Coverings from Patchwork Cat. UK

Breathable Face Masks forMask with Kati 1
Corona-virus times.

uk only
£7.00 postage free!

 Locally designed & made in the Moray Firth Scotland.
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Patchwork Cat
is a tiny business on the Moray Firth of Scotland
Creating unique Crafts and Art.

Re-use. Re-imagine. Re-create.

Buzzy bizzy bee' mask. Bought & modelled by 'Kati'

 Purp Pw cotton mask 4 pc cotton brownturk pw
Purp pw cotton mask 2a   pc denim heartpc cotton pattern blackred 1Mask Cotton blue
 brown mask 1       pc cotton purple pw 3 Kafe
pc tartan 1pc red 4   
    pc Red 2        pc gold plain  ps pinks pattern aus      

 Black crow and the Moon
pc tartan 5      Red and Turk 1
     pc cotton blackBlue Purple PwMask jazzy cotton
             pc pink pw 1    pc tartan 3

                 Kati below is wearing one of the Bee Mask from Patchwork Cat! 
pc gold pattern Mask with Kati 1    pc cotton bees   pc cotton purple red pw
fancy masksAll masks are £7.00 each including postage (UK)
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All items are individually hand-made at Patchwork Cat, they have soft ear elastic, and soft wire to tighten over noses, they are also softly stiffened to give you a 'breathing-space.' Sometimes only one of each is available. However we may have one very similar or be able to create more for you (if you are happy to wait a little longer) please email us to ask about this on..  The payment pages for these masks are by PayPal...if in the meantime you fall-in-love with any mask on this page including the photo on the left, just email and we can take it from there...
These masks from
 'Patchwork Cat' are stocked at
'The Ethical Gift Shop & Refillery' in Huntly

 All masks are made from good quality materials, They are randomly lined with various colours of cotton left from other larger projects… working on the principle that the inside is rarely seen... we have simply used whatever cottons we had available, of course to some extent this means you could turn them inside out and make them reversible!

A few more masks.....




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