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Magic Mojo Pouches UK only

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( Design of Mojo Pouches may vary slightly)

Lovely soft chamois-leather pouches which contain a mixture of crystals herbs and spices and secretly prepare ingredients to encourage Gook Luck in whatever is your wish..

Wear traditionally round the neck so that the pouch is not seen, and it is said to attract wealth and good vibes generally.

These pouches are created in the tradition of the 'Wise Woman' and Blessed in the presence of the Goddess, before sealing in plastic pouches to be opened only by you!

A  modern day connection with the ancient world!

NB:- We are told that these pouches have proved to be very effective in securing property


Magic Pouch for Love & Prosperity. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 


Magic Pouch for Empowerment & Change. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 


Magic Pouch for Business. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 


Magic Pouch for Success. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 


Magic Pouch for Property. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 



Please send a separate email with more information if you need the pouch for a specific reason that is not covered above and order below...

Magic Pouch for ?. 

£9.50 + Post and packing. 


Each pouch is individually constructed and takes a little while to complete, so expect it to arrive within a week of ordering.




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